Our Approach


When organising your dream travel experience, whether it's a challenging mountain expedition or a light adventure trip, there is one rule which we will always apply; "there is no such thing as one size fits all".

Our approach is to build your trip from the foundations up and make this experience personal to you.

At Monix Adventures we want to be a part of this creation because we believe travel is a personal adventure, not just a standard itinerary.

We consult, build and deliver unique trips for families, small groups and individuals. Whether you’re looking for an enriching safari, or have personal goals to climb the world's highest peaks, we will work with you to make it happen.

Why Choose Us?


Meet Us

Laura Jones


Since I was a small girl my interest in travel was something which couldn’t be ignored. As soon as I was old enough, I bought an around the world ticket and off I went exploring a new world. When I returned home, I had a mind full of good stories, a camera full of photos and a passion to keep travelling further. I decided then, that I wanted to help others experience what I had, so I was drawn to work in the adventure travel industry. My understanding of the importance to deliver a life changing trip meant I was perfectly suited to the logistical planning that went into organising expeditions.

When I met Rhys and was introduced to the world of climbing and mountaineering. We shared many long weekends hiking and climbing all over the UK and our relationship grew alongside this new passion for the mountains. As I became more confident so my urge for a bigger challenge became stronger. In only a few short years I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone on a number of occasions whilst summiting peaks in Europe, Africa and the Arctic Circle. 

Recently I’ve taken up running and can be found training in all weather conditions to complete my ongoing challenge, running 7 marathons in 1 year. I've already completed the Mount Everest Marathon in May 2017.


Rhys Jones


With a mother from the Netherlands and a father who’s scared of heights, it’s fair to say that mountaineering was not in my genes. Despite this, I developed a love of the mountains and began a personal quest to climb the highest mountain on each continent, known as the Seven Summits. Reaching the top of Mt Everest on my 20th birthday in 2006, when I got back to sea level I knew I needed something to apply my focus to.

After a few years as a professional speaker, I started my first adventure travel company, which became a different type of challenge that I thoroughly enjoyed. Then I met Laura, and I was so excited to share some adventures with her. After some emotional moments on exposed cliffs, she quickly and literally learned the ropes. It was wonderful that we could climb together and I knew she would be hungry for a bigger challenge. With that in mind, in 2014 we went to a remote mountain range in Greenland for a ski mountaineering expedition. With just one other team member, we successfully climbed the highest mountain in the Arctic Circle. For the following 8 days we were pinned down by a storm, and it was then that we explored the idea of setting up something together, as partners, and we haven't looked back since.


What our clients have to say

The whole mountain climb was something I’ll never forget, Thank you for all your help.
— M.D
Your professionalism, organisation and attention to detail is exemplary and I do not hesitate in recommending you.
— J.W
The level of support we received was phenomenal, we all felt very well taken care of.
— J.M